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“My dad definitely has ADHD – even though he’s never been formally diagnosed. He cannot sit still. Has to be doing something at all times. On vacation, he’s not a sitting-on-the-beach-and-chilling-by-the-pool-with-a-drink kind of person. He must be doing something. Otherwise, he loses his mind.

If anything, his ADHD has helped him.

He can hyperfocus like nobody's business – and that has helped him build his business. He would be gone until five in the morning because he would just lose track of time working so hard. And that kind of drive you have when you have ADHD – and you find something you love – that drive is very strong. He managed to find something he loved and turn it into a career. He’s the president of a very successful business that he founded.

My ADHD diagnosis was definitely a relief to my parents, just knowing that it wasn't their parenting that was making me that way. They’re very good parents, and they were up against a lot with me. I was a tough child.

Once I was diagnosed, my parents really educated themselves and tried to figure out how to best support me. They took courses on raising kids with ADHD and seminars about girls with ADHD. They got me into child therapists that specialize with kids with ADHD and psychiatrists to get me medication.

I've run the gamut with all the medications at this point. But there’s one that has ended up being the most effective over the years.”


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