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"This wasn't a whoopsie. This was a planned pregnancy. That's the thing about lesbian and gay couples – we're going all in. We WANT a baby. There's no accident. There's no one-night stands.

I was a little petrified of losing the baby because getting pregnant cost us $30,000. So I really wanted to try and do everything I could to not have a miscarriage or lose the baby. That aspect was stressful.

You’re supposed to do kick counts to make sure the baby’s moving enough. I would be completely paranoid if the baby wasn’t moving enough. I was petrified of a stillbirth.

I talked to my wife a lot, and she was super supportive. She would say, "Oh, you look beautiful. You're doing a great job." And all my ultrasounds came back good.

But I'd heard a lot of stories of women drinking too much caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant, and a stimulant can cause a miscarriage. So I cut out soda, which is a big deal for me. I grew up on soda – I didn't even know what water was until I met my wife. I'm also a coffee person. I need coffee to function. And I completely cut out coffee.

I’d also heard stories of women not eating enough. I was so petrified of NOT eating enough that I ended up gaining a hundred pounds while I was pregnant."


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