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"This pregnancy was better than the first one because I knew what to expect. I knew I was going to hate being pregnant, that I was not going to look the way that I wanted to look, that I was going to gain weight. I planned for my 2nd C-section. I told them, 'I want to be knocked out after you take the baby out. I don't care if I don't remember the beginning of this time, I need to take care of myself and that's what's important. So please just knock me out.' That worked really well. I almost feel like doing that reset my brain.

I had all these really good positive experiences with Emilie that has healed me from the trauma that I had with Noah.

When Emilie came out of me, I immediately wanted to hold her. I have this beautiful memory of holding her in the C-section room. Just right off that was better. She latched instantly to my breasts. I had such a strong connection and such a strong bond with her, which was such a relief, and really, really nice.

I did a lot of research and took every step to reduce postpartum depression: acupuncture, therapy, and encapsulating my uterus into pills. The theory is that you go from having all these hormones to absolutely nothing. If you take small doses of your placenta, it's supposed to reduce your risk of postpartum. I took the placenta pills, and I can’t say for sure if they made a difference, but I took them for three months and I had zero postpartum depression.

My wife ran down to the front of the hospital with my uterus in a bucket so that she could go and capsulate it and bring it back to me. She's like, 'Jamie, this is really weird. Am I really handing your uterus to somebody?' I’m like, 'Yes. Go, go. I need the medicine. I need my placenta back. Go, go!'"


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