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"Being honest with people -- that's brought me a deeper connection in my life.

Being married to Kim for 23 years has deeply supported this honesty and transparency. Kim doesn't have time for anything less - she wants the truth and prefers it not be small talk.

Being honest with people about my religious upbringing and sharing the things that I believe on a spiritual level - that has gotten me a lot closer with people. I'm comparing it to being gay because I have a strength, I have something that makes me unique - that makes me me.

Whatever you don't feel you can bring into the room or show people – that dominoes on you. You start to create scenarios in your head because you're not living authentically with the person sitting across from you. If I'm not showing you exactly who I am, we're not having a real conversation.

I think when you're not living your truth -- whether it's being gay or whether it's dealing with mental health issues or dealing with depression or whatever your truth is -- if you aren’t LIVING IT - you are a much less effective you. You disappear into the walls around you. But when you live your truth?

When you bring your whole self into the room - that's when the magic happens.

There is a reason they call it 'being in the closet.' No magic happens in the closet."


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