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Towards the end of high school, I became friends with Paula – a girl two grades ahead of me. When they announced her ten year reunion, she invited me, and I immediately thought it would be fun -- despite my memories of being bullied.

At this point in my life, I had moved to California, and was living in Los Angeles, working in the entertainment industry. At the time, I was working on the movies Castaway and What Lies Beneath. I felt like I was on top of the world and going back to high school would be my chance to show everyone I had done something with my life. Working on movies felt like I had invented Post-its and I was ready to rub it in Christie Masters’ face.

Doug was my Christie Masters. I don't actively think about him, but whenever someone mentions his name, or infers I must’ve been popular growing up, I get triggered: nasty, mean Doug Wilson made me feel like such a small piece of shit.

So when I walk in and SEE HIM AT THE TEN YEAR REUNION, I get a huge chip on my shoulder. I’m still carrying around the notion he’s going to be mean to me and possibly shove me.

But I’m twice his size now. He can no longer slam me into a locker.

And I am ready to destroy him with my accomplishments: “Hey Doug! I’m working with Tom Hanks! And George Clooney taught me how to play basketball! What have you done with YOUR life?!”

He could answer, “I’m a CEO” and I was prepared to be like, "Oh yeah?! I’m working with Bob Zemeckis and Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer AND Steven Spielberg!”

So when my friend Paula innocently sits next to Doug at the reunion (unaware of our history) I feel roided up and ready to talk about how awesome “My Hollywood Life” is. I’ve got my plate of food and the only open seat is directly across the table from Doug Wilson.


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