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“I ended up taking half of my high school classes at a School for Independent Learners. It was a separate school that was accredited, where you worked one-on-one with teachers. I took math there for three years, chemistry, physics and one English class at that school. They were a lot better about working with you and your specific needs because you're the only student in their class.

I got really close to my math teacher. She ended up doing a lot more than just teach me math. When my anxiety got really bad, I wouldn’t go to school. I couldn't even make it to the one-on-one classes. My math teacher would just come to my house and teach me there. She encouraged me to make connections at the School for Independent Learners so I didn't feel as alone while I was there. I don't believe I would have graduated high school if it hadn't been for her. She was just very, very invested in making sure that I crossed that stage the end of my senior year.

I think about my math teacher a lot when I reflect about how far I've come.

I think about my therapists and the people over the years who have helped me, and want them to know, ‘Hey, I made it.’”


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